RVM allows premises to be monitored using the CCTV system to allow a central station to monitor activity on site with transmitted video images.

The advent of high speed internet has allowed the development of video transmitters to provide high quality video images at virtually real time.

This allows the operators at the RVM to provide virtual guard patrols by proactively viewing the site at prescribed intervals. Much the same as a physical guard patrol.

When CCTV cameras are associated with detection devices and linked to the video transmitter activation of a detector automatically transmit the correct camera image viewing the incident to the central station. The central station operator is then able to view the event and take manual control of the cameras to track the cause of the incident throughout the event on multiple cameras. It is usual for an audio public address system to be incorporated into the RVM system so that clear messages can be broadcast to the site informing the intruders that they are under surveillance and being recorded. This is a very powerful deterrent from further activity by intruders.

RVM is very cost effective when considering a comparison with physical manned guarding costs. It is possible to achieve a return capital expenditure against manned guarding costs within the first year with greater savings in subsequent years.

RVM capability can be further enhanced by automating controls to open gates and barriers, switch on lighting and monitor internal intruder alarms and building management systems. This allows buildings to operate out of hours without the need for 24 hour manning, again providing significant savings in operating costs.

Astec Systems work closely with Shield Guarding Company to provide a complete end to end managed solution for RVM Systems via their Alarm Receiving Centre and Management Control Room.

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