Astec Systems intruder alarms protect a facility from unauthorised entry whilst the building is unoccupied.
Contacts motion detectors, sensors and seismic devices are employed at strategic locations around the building to detect and indicate where the intrusion is happening. These points can be windows doors, walls, high value areas and sensitive areas.

Upon alarm activation the alarm signal is transmitted to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC operates 24/7 and upon receipt of an alarm condition responds immediately with the appropriate actions. Alarm signaling is provided by dual path communications for high integrity using a combination of landlines, GSM mobile and Internet protocol devices.

Perimeter Detection Systems

Detection is the key to any perimeter security solution. Astec Systems has a range of robust, secure solutions.

Wire System - a fence mounted sensitive cable, maximises the signals generated in response to an intrusion attempt while ensuring that all other signals generated from wind for example are effectively suppressed or removed.

Buried Differential Pressure Technology - the system is designed to give invisible perimeter protection under a wide variety of surfaces.

Microphonic Cable - is a fence-mounted detection system that detects disturbances in the fence that are caused by intrusion attempts.

Active Infrared Beam System - infrared technology creates an invisible barrier for detection.

Microwave - digital transmit and receive barriers provide invisible volumetric detection pattern that is ideal for long, straight perimeters.

Microwave - single-ended Doppler microwave detectors are used where high security is required for detection of movement in open areas.

PIR sensors and Active Infrared sensors - outdoor PIR sensor range comprises of short range, wide and narrow angle sensors and long range, wide and narrow angle sensors (the industry renowned Redwall range).

Photo Beams - suitable for use on both CCTV systems and in perimeter protection applications.

Perimeter detection systems are carefully zoned for integration with perimeter CCTV video systems.

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