Integration is the most efficient and practical way of running a busy or large site. We develop multi-disciplinary, flexible solutions that are truly tailored to clients' individual needs.

The access control, alarm monitoring, CCTV, perimeter protection, gates, barriers, perimeter detection and intercoms are built into a singularly controlled and cohesive system.

Networking and Data Communications

High technology security systems require stable and flexible communications to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from their use.

Astec Systems are experts in communications, ensuring that the correct types and billing platforms are in place to maximise performance and reduce operating costs.

Microwave and Radio Frequency

For equipment based in remote locations such as airfields and large industrial complexes
where line of site is possible.

Microwave or RF transmitters provide a very reliable and inexpensive method of sending information over long distances in circumstances where cabling is impractical.

Internet and Intranet

Making full use of Internet protocols and the incredible power and flexibility of the World Wide Web is at the forefront of all high technology systems. Astec have fully embraced this revolution in communications technology and full use is made of all its advantages. CCTV images, databases and alarm information, servicing and spares are all operated via the Internet. The ability to place information on any computer anywhere has made CCTV more flexible and powerful. Report generators and management tools can be run from any location. This is true flexibility and system power.

Fibre Optics

Fibre optics is used extensively in environments where interference is likely and also where it is necessary to transmit large signals over long distances or multiple frequencies and protocols to the same location. Using multiplex technology, a combination of laser and infrared light sources allows a vast array of available options when planning large scale and long distance communications.

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