An integrated reception system (IRS) provides broadcast signals from multiple sources (typically terrestrial television, FM radio, DAB digital radio and satellite TV) to multiple outlets, via a single aerial cluster and signal

The most frequent use for such a system is in communal housing blocks, where one aerial cluster can replace many aerials serving individual dwellings (e.g. flats or apartments).

IRS requires installation of very high quality cabling, in addition to the aerial and dish cluster and sophisticated boosters, taps, distributors and multiswitches.

Apartment outlets are modular and all major makes of electrical fittings are supported including
MK, GET, Crabtree, Triax and Antiference.

As well as the widely used Sky Plus feed Astec Systems also provide for Hotbird and Turksat.

In addition to broadcast services Astec Systems also provide entry phone video signals and local community information systems, distributed over the IRS system as additional services.

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