Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV is the use of video cameras to transmit signals specific viewing and control location by means of dedicated cabling or the use of a computer network.

CCTV is primarily used for visual surveillance. It is a very effective tool for combating risk. Cameras work in 'real time' and linked to control mechanisms and recording devices, they reduce risk and manning requirements, whilst appreciably improving general security.

Astec Systems provide colour monochrome (Day Night) systems for internal and external use for a full range of environments and light levels.

Remotely controlled cameras pan tilt and zoom, manually displaying selected events or general views. Images are integrated with graphic maps that show locations and switch cameras as an operator tracks through a site.

Video Cameras

Primarily the CCTV system is digital with the output being from VGA to High Definition using an IP digital output on a network.

The cameras come in many configurations and types to suit a myriad of applications.

Static - Mobile Pan Tilt Zoom - Low Light - Colour Mono Day Night - Night Vision - Covert

The camera images can be enhanced LED Lighting that comes in Infra Red or white light.

Control Equipment

CCTV systems rely on recorded information to make them highly effective management tools.


Digital Video Recorders store signals from conventional analogue cameras to hard disk and have a network connection for viewing the reordered images via Ethernet or the internet. They also have provision for camera selectionand control and local CCTV monitors, making them the most widely used and effective equipment for upgrading and modernizing analogue systems.


Network Video Recorders store signals from digital cameras to hard disk usually server based. They have full network connectivity for viewing the reordered images via Ethernet or the internet. The workstations have provision for camera selection and control and local CCTV monitors, making thema very versatile and powerful management tool.

Video Matrix

The Matrix Video Switch allows the connection of multiple video cameras to multiple monitors. This lets signals from a range of cameras sources be displayed on various monitors creating a "matrix" pattern of interconnection possibilities. A Matrix Video Switch acts as the core of a signal management system in larger control room applications where large amounts of cameras need to be switched to different viewing locations and monitor arrays. In addition to providing CCTV Systems.

Astec will also design and build the Networks, Servers, Storage and Access Equipment necessary for a full digital CCTV Systems.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics is a new security discipline allowing users to monitor and secure areas with security cameras. Businesses can monitor places of interest with sophisticated software that makes detecting threats or unwanted visitors simple and effective. Intelligent Video Surveillance consists of algorithms that detect movement or changes in live and recorded video to see whether the movement or changes mean a possible threat is about to occur or is occurring. These algorithms work by examining each pixel of the video and putting together all the pixel changes. If many pixels are changing in one area and that area is moving in a direction, the software considers this to be motion.

Depending on the policies and alerts you have setup, you will be notified of this motion or other actions can be automatically taken by the software such as motion tracking which follows the motion until it is no longer detected.

This is another level of automation that is set to revolutionise security management over the course
of the coming years.

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