Access control is a system which enables building managers to control access to areas and resources. It is used to control the security of a facility whilst it is operational.

Using proximity card technology and computer control, the movement of personnel can be automatically controlled 24 hours a day throughout a single building or networked to control multiple buildings.

Access levels and time zones are set to allow relevant groups of users to specific areas at specific times.
The transactions between the users and the portals are stored to an archive for management analysis via a report generator.

The system uses server based architecture where multiple workstations and locations can be assembled into a comprehensive system using standard Information Technology procedures to increase flexibility and reduce cost.



Proximity cards and reader

Proximity cards are contactless integrated circuit devices used for access control, security, payment systems, printers, library systems and in the UK the Oyster Card transportation system. The cards are 13.56 MHz contactless RFID contactless smartcards. They come as a standard ISO credit card size to fit conveniently in wallets and purses. Proximity cards cards allow for doors to be operated without the need for physical contact. And they allow for several functions to be performed with a single contactless device.



Biometric (physical recognition)

Biometrics is a method for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more physical characteristics.
These can be fingerprint, retinal scan,and facial recognition.

The analysis of biometric data for matching purposes requires the comparison of several features of the part of the body to be recognized. These include patterns and measurements within the structure and properties of human skin to be able use imaging technologies.

This is a complex technique that requires a lot of processing power and the ability to form a comparative table by
pre enrollment of the users.

Biometrics is usually employed in areas where high security is the primary consideration and not transaction time or volume of users.

Photo imaging and photo ID card production

Digital photography and colour card printers provide pictures of the badge holders and corporate information to be printed directly to the surface of the access card. The images are stored to the access control personnel database allowing visual verification of access control transactions and pictures of the persons using the subsystem to be displayed at the work station and compared with live CCTV images.


Visitor Passes

A Visitor Pass system enables the quick issue of visitor passes to every visitor at the site.

This can be produced with fire evacuation instructions, corporate logo and health & safety procedures. It projects a professional image to your visitors and contractors. The system also ensures and proves that visitors are aware of fire, accident and evacuation procedures.


Physical – First Line Security

To operate a success full access control system it is necessary to have top quality reliable hardware.
We provide with our electronics packages a full range of physical security.

  • Locks
    Speed Lanes
    External Barriers
    Automated Doors
    Vehicle Control


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